Natural Language and Text Processing Laboratory


Center for Computing Research, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico


Graduates and students advised by our professors are citizens of 18 countries


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The research group, founded in 1996, is headed by Alexander Gelbukh and includes faculty members Grigori Sidorov and Ildar Batyrshin, external collaborators Hiram Calvo, Olga Kolesnikova, Sofía Galicia Haro, Igor Bolshakov, Soujanya Poria, and about 50 PhD and MSc students from various countries. See a video presentation (mostly in Spanish).

Our students receive very attractive  scholarships and win important  awards.

The group conducts research in natural language processing (NLP) and related fields of artificial intelligence and soft computing. Our current work includes:

We organize the annual series of international conferences CICLing, participate in the organization of the international conferences MICAI, COMIA, and a number of other conferences and journals (see e.g. here). We wrote a book on Computational Linguistics (in English) and another book on Natural Language Processing (in Spanish). Many of our publications (below) can be downloaded from this page and from the personal pages of the members of the group. Here is an older version of this page.


Selected Publications