An Associative Network of Russian speaking Internet users

Ассоциативная сеть русскоязычных пользователей Интернета

This page shows the data used in the following paper:

I.A. Bolshakov, E.I. Bolshakova, A.F. Gelbukh. An Associative Network of Concepts that Enter to Internet Queries (in Russian: Ассоциативная сеть понятий, образующих запросы к интернет). International conference Dialog-2010, Russia, 2010, p. 5561.

Note: the dataset actually used in the paper was the version 1 below.

Licence: Free for academic use; for other uses please contact the authors. Any work that used these data must cite the paper mentioned above. We appreciate if you let us know when you use these data.

Format: Lines without leading spaces represent the nodes; lines with leading spaces represent the arcs to other nodes. Homonyms are represented with numbers. Homonym definitions are given in the separate file.


These are new versions that appeared after the paper has been published:

Associative network - version 3
Sense definitions - version 3a
Synonym definitions - version 3.

Old versions:

Sense definitions - version 3
Associative network - version 2 + homonym definitions - version 2.
Associative network - version 1. This is the version that was used in the paper.