Some useful NLP links

Item   Description   Type
Computational Linguistics Toolset   "The Computational Linguistics Toolset is a set of tools for computational linguistics. It contains re-usable code for cleaning, splitting, refining, and taking samples from corpora (ICE, Penn, and a native one), for tagging them using the TnT-tagger, for doing permutation statistics on N-grams (useful for finding statistically significant syntactical differences between any two sets of tagged texts), and various examination-tools. The tools themselves are well documented."   open-source
FreeLing       open-source
WordNet::Similarity       open-source
Text-Similarity   Perl package   open-source
MACO++   Spanish morphology   ?
Connexor   Syntax (Spanish, English, etc.)   commercial
Weka   Machine Learning   free
GIZA++, Moses, Brill’s Tagger, Xerox, Syntactica, Pratt   ?